Adhesive Dispensing Systems


More than 25 years of experience in the field of adhesive application systems. Standard or specially, developed for your application. Our specialization, dosing systems with volumetrically operating pumps.


Our applications:


Bonding insulation materials such as sandwich panels.

Potting of electronics.

Production of industrial filters.

Bonding of lighting elements.

Bonding of solar panels.

Bonding of plastic windows and doors.

textile coating.





FlexMix serie:



Dosing with the FlexMix series is based on volumetric mixing ratios. Regardless of the variation in viscosity, the yield is always constant.


The FlexMix units are equipped with 2 or more gear pumps. These are controlled with frequency controlled asynchronous electric motors. Each gear pump has its own drive.


The use of gear pumps makes it possible to dose both continuously and continuously. The pumps used are as good as maintenance-free.


Suitable for mixing and dosing epoxies, polyol or silicones.


adhesives can be connected directly from the 200-liter barrels or IBC containers.


No extra transfer pumps are required for supplying the adhesive.


A standard touch screen for operation.


Free choice in mixing ratios.





Sandwich panels production machines.



Machines have been developed for producing sandwich panels on vacuum tables. Various versions are possible. Thanks to the arrangement of the tables in the factory, a very efficient arrangement of the tables is possible.


No cables need hoses or rails on the floor.

Full floor space can be used for production.


automatic filling from IBC containers.


Very high production speed.


Dimensions of the tables can be 4000 by 20000 mm.


2K version but also a 3K version.


With a version of 6 tables, a production speed of 32 panels per 8 hours can be achieved.






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