Adhesive Dispensing Systems


FlexMix 600

FlexMix 600 serie


The FlexMix 600 series is a dosing system for mixing two-component materials. The machines are suitable for inline setting in a production line or standalone for manual applications or filling buckets. You can use a manual dosing gun or an automatic dosing gun directly connected to the system.


The FlexMix 600 series has an adjustable mixing ratio. Different pumps are available. From 1 cc / min to 7.5 cc / min. The FlexMix series is always equipped with high pressure tan wheel pumps. Pressures up to 250 bar are allowed. All components supplied are developed for these high pressures. This allows materials with high viscosities to be processed.


The gear pumps have been specially developed for the mixing machines. A very high accuracy of the fits in the pump ensures that the yield, even at high pressures, is within 2%.


The FlexMix 600 can be extended for a 3rd component. The advantage is that the open time and the pressing time of the glue can be influenced. Very high production speeds can then be realized.


All materials that come into contact with the adhesive are made of stainless steel. Also the gear pumps. The supply guns are equipped with a hardened coating with a teflon finish layer of a special aluminum alloy.


Supply systems:


The FlexMix 600 series does not require feeding systems. The use of vessels that are laid horizontally or the use of IBC containers can suffice for the supply of the materials. The FlexMix 605 has the additional possibility to be filled manually.








The PPM series is a machine with a huge range.

It is an XYZ movement of 20,000 mm x 4000 mm x 2000 mm.


The PPM machine has been developed for companies that produce sandwich panels on large vacuum tables.


The arrangement of the machine allows more tables to be placed than the more usual arrangement of the tables in the length of the production hall.




enormous speed of gluing. 60 m2 in 2.5 minutes is feasible.

Various adhesives can be applied.

Glue weight can be entered.

Application is done with a plastic spreader. This can be thrown away after the production has ended.

with 6 tables and a machine in a 3K version, 32 panels can be produced in 8 hours of production.