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Adhesive application systems,

Making the change from a manuel process to a fully automatic system can be a very big step. Selection of the correct equipment involves a number of factors, including the type of adhesive, the size of the bonded area and the scale of production.

Applying efficiently

Applying an adhesive calls for a perfect match between adhesive and application equipment. Tanoujo can help you obtain the perfect match, we can supply the right equipment for your bonding application and that is the way to increase productivity and become cost effective.

Building and customize adhesive application systems

We are experts in building and customize adhesive application systems. In any kind of industry.

Sandwich panel. building and construction, electronics, filter industry and others.

Tanoujo product range for one, two or three component systems are going from manuel application system for smaller sandwich panel production or fully automatic systems.

Manual application systems

A manual system or a semi-automatic system always provides the correct mixed adhesive. The correct amount of glue is also mixed. This prevents waste and reduces costs. The manual system can be designed as a filling system for buckets. or it can be expanded to a semi automatic system. The semi-automatic system is equipped with a mixing device with a spreader.

Both systems are easy to use, an inexpensive lay-up application for faster production and consistent quality.

Fully automatic adhesive application systems

The fully automatic adhesive application system PPM SERIES are the most advanced application technique for large and flexible sandwich production. With the advantage of three component technology. The production increases with 100 %. Labor cost decreases with 50 %.

The fully automatic system gives maximum output on a minimum floor space. 

The tables are not placed in the length of the hall but in the width. This placement creates a maximum amount of vacuum tables in the available space.